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Thread: Thought of a way to sort of protest the Diamond Valley Lake BS

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    What if we all decided one day to go and have our boats inspected at the same time. Imagine 100 or more of us in line with boats in tow. Those inspectors wouldn't know what to do. Might be some good press for us and bad press for them. If we could find someone to write it on our side. Also if they actually inspected a bunch of the boats, it would give those who don't pass a reason to question it if a boat similar to yours did. Even if you never put your boat on that lake, it might be cool to hassle them with an inspection. Would be cool to meet other ***boaters in line. Remember the last scene in Field of Dreams with all those cars lined up. That could be us.

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    It's not the ranger's fault. They're just there to do a job. The MWD owns the joint and they don't give a shit about boating or any revenue produced by it. I actually think it's more of an appeasement thing to allow any boating there at all. They're in the water business, not the boating business. Such a stunt would likely not have much effect and if any it might be negative because of the above. They sell water, not recreation.
    Now whether it was misrepresented from the get go as to it's purpose you can argue till the cows come home but it won't make any difference in what "is".

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