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Thread: P-27 crackerbox racer in hospital

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    mostly crue
    I got a call from my f-i-l about Mark Fricker, the driver/owner of the p-27
    crackerbox. It seems that Mark had a blood clot in his brain from the car accident while coming back from Burley. He was rushed into the hospital on sunday for emergency surgery. He is fine now and back at home. He will not be racing anytime soon, doctor's orders. Mark will be in San Diego with the
    p-96 crackerbox crue, please come by and say "hi" it will definitely make his day. If anyone would like to call Mark personally, please p.m. me and I'll give you his phone number.

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    Glad to see that Mark is doing better. Brain surgery is some pretty serious stuff...
    Thanks for the update,

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    Retired flatbottom racer
    Thanks Jeff for the info on Mark. Glad to hear he is out of the hospital. We will keep him in our prayers.
    Bill Duke

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