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Thread: What type of subs?

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    Big Inch
    Looking to upgrade the subs in my boat but not sure if I need free air subs or what. I have an Htm and the subs are in the base of the back seat. Currently have 2 12" Clarion marine subs. They are in the seat base and not in a sealed box but I'm not sure if it acts as one really big box or not. The seat base is split into three sections with each sub mounted on the outer sections. In the center the stringers come up to almost the top of the seat base where my two batteries are mounted and that opens into the bilge area which is semi sealed by the hatch. I'm curious if this creates something similar to a large ported enclosure and if I should get subs intended for that or if I should go with free air speakers.

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    Mr. Naudio
    The application you are talking about (under rear seat)is considered free air.
    Sum subs work WAY better than others free air.But they dont have to be free air to work there.
    The JL marine subs work pretty good under that seat as do the JL W3s.
    If you have the power(say 300 to 500 watts).Both should out perform the Clarions in that application.

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    I have a JL system(marine) in my A/T and love it.

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