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Thread: Z-Drive W/3 DG

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    Mr. V-Driver
    This CASALE type Z-DRive with 3 Dog In & Out was designed for prior Unlimited and Grand Prix Hydro driver "Larry Lauterbach" son of
    "Henry Lauterbach" who built many famous Limited and Unlimited Hydros.
    Larry is also a builder of several Grand Prix Vintage & Current Hydros.
    This box is going to be used in a Vintage Grand Prix. race this weekend back east.
    THe RACE is at Wheelings on the Ohio River, W.VA,...
    August 31st-Sept. 2
    for more info call 304-233-4738
    Check out the pics.
    GOOD LUCK guys !!!

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    I have a new one, what's it worth?

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