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Thread: 1978 Galaxie for sale $4000

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    I have owned this boat for a year and it spent most of its time being redone including:
    New custom designed subfloor support
    New floor fiberglassed 3/4 in Ply
    New stringers
    New Marine Carpet
    Custom seats made from fiberglassed plywood designed after a Taylor Sj, Marine foam for seats was from Ultimate interiors, and Skins were designed by me and sewn by XOTIC concepts in Lincoln Ne. I also made the rear seat to allow for flush mounted 6in JBL marine speakers.
    All new Beede Gages, anadized beezels, steering hub, and steering wheel, anadized push pull switches ( Int, Ext, Bilge, Nos, Dash) No NOS has been hooked up to motor, I had planned on it but never got that far.
    I have made a custom Aluminum Ride plate set at 5 degrees up it is 4 in longer than stock, and 1 in narrower to help air the boat out.
    I put a new water seal kit in the Panther jet along with a bushing kit to tighten up the linkages, the pump runs perfect.
    The 360 AMC is a strong runner turn key it has never failed to start for me it was freshened up 2 seasons ago by previous owner.
    Holley Marine 750 vac sec carb
    Edelbrock RPM intake
    Comp cam, has a mild grind
    I put on a Pro Comp electric Fuel pump to keep a constant 7-8 psi of fuel flowing to the motor.
    All new water lines, hoses, plugwires, battery, and charging system.
    I runs 59.2 on GPS @ 4800 RPMs
    Call Ryan @402-440-8402
    Or email @
    I have hundereds of pics pre, during, and post build. More than happy to email all you want

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    Too cheap and pretty not to...

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    Clean , Cheap Jet Bump:d

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    Ttt :d

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    Birthday bump....

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    I cant believe nobody knows someone who is isnt looking for a cheap jet

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    somebody shoot me a PRICE...

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    That Buddy I Was Tellin You About Is Coming By Tonite To Look At Pics Of The Galaxy, He's Wantin A Bling Boat, Not Something Loud Or Fast So This Fits His Bill! You May Be Draggin It To Okla. With You Soon:d

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