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Thread: Need Some Help!!!

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    Need some help my fellow jetters-
    I have a 460 THAT WILL NOT START I have fresh batts and it still wont start. I do however keep hearing a clicking sound when i try to fire it up. I can't tell what that dam sound is and where it is coming from. I had the wife try to listen for it but she could not tell as well. The starter has been rebuilt so I know it is not that-I have banged my head tryin to figure out what is going on. Do any of my peeps have any ideas??? Is there anything else i should do look at or replace?--By the way I did have rope caught in the jet awhile back and I did get it all out.--Did i fry something that I don't know about??

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    502 JET
    Check it in the dark. It sounds like there is spark jumping, and you may see it in the dark.
    Look at the ignition coil, I have seen them crack at the top and spark off the terminals instead of flow down the coil wire. Also check that the plug wires are snapped in the cap. Make sure there is no moisture under the distributor cap.

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    Can you be more specific? Is it turning over and just not starting.
    If it is turning over, have you checked all the usual suspects? Gas, spark/wires, timing etc.
    Or will it not turn over at all?

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    it sounds as if it wants to turn over. I jus keeps cranking and not fully turning over. I so pissed and frustrated--Ive pulled my hair and checked everything--there has to be something that im over looking

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    I'm thinking along the lines of what 502 mentioned. It could be something as simple as the coil wire arcing to another plug wire. As suggested, try firing it off in the dark so you can see if it's arcing somewhere.

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    if it wont turn over but the starter is engaiging, pull the plugs make there is no water in the cylinders. If your trying to fire on the trailer and you had the water running before the motor was running well it happens

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    Put a a breaker bar on the front crankshaft pully and see if you can turn the engine over by hand. If you can NOT, then check the plugs to see if its locked up. If there is nothing in there. Check your pump. My uncles wear ring came loose once and locked up the pump. The engine would not turn over. One more thing. If you have a 4 wire starter, make sure the trigger wire for the starter silinoid is on the out side post of the starter. Check your grounds.

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    Agreed. Try to turn the motor over with a breaker bar first, and if it does turn over it's something in your ignition. If it's making a rapid clicking sound that means the starters not getting enough juice. Check and make sure all your connections are clean, even the battery terminals, the starter connections, and the starter relay are all clean. If they are try replaceing the starter relay, they're cheap.
    But if the motor doesn't turn over by a big breaker bar try pulling all the spark plugs out and see if it will then

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    Make sure you have a good ground. Check voltage on the battery. Check starter solonoid. If the starter spins and won't engage make sure it is tight, and the bendix is good.

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    thanks for all the replies! I hope to have a chance later today or tonite to get her fired up and running for the weekend. Kids have been asking daddy if it will work and i told them the great guys @ ***boat will show me a sign--And you fellas have--THANKS

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