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Thread: ol'friends baby died.... pool owners beware!

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    Just heard that a past friends daughter drowned in an above ground pool, got through a gate, and ladder to climb up and fall in @11:00 PM... baby was 8 mins in the water before found... happened Sat.... she died this morning..... Just be cautious that all safety measures do not always work.... especially when a older sibbling might have not been careful in closing a gate or raising and latching a ladder......

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    So sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved.

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    I have lost touch with him over the years.... but still close to his brother.... so when the details came in.... it just got more tragic.... all the safety measures that didn't work because of little mistakes on differant people and other kids..... just made me think how I used to feel safe over my personal safety measures... and how I have found them not in use and never really thought " what if "....

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    Mrs 2LKHVSU

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    So sorry to hear prayer go out to the family

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    This is sad to hear.
    I worry all the time that I may return home from work and find a child face down in my pool. I constantly lecture the kids in the neighborhood about the danger of climbing the fence to take a dip in my pool.

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    That's terrible Sorry to hear of the tragic news

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    i have been to two funerals that involved the tiny caskets.. it just rips your heart out. prayers go out to the little ones family.

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    Wet Dream
    Sad sad news. I actually drowned in my uncles pool at the age of 2 1/2. I wasn't breathing, no heartbeat, eyes rolled back, blue skin, stiff as a board. Dead. My uncle saved me. Thanks Donald. I know, the rest of you want to beat him for it.

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