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Thread: Ride plate

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    jet guy
    I'm going to put a ride plate and shoe on my 69 tahiti with a berk drive but new to boats but learning. Is there anything I need to know before I start and is it best to buy a ride plate or can I make one. also I know what a shoe is I think but not to sure what it is. I am trying to get the boat to ride higher in the water ( less boat in the water) am I on the rite track the drive is stock wright now but also will be putin a droop and placedeverter on it. Also going to paint it this winter is it best to paint first or do the work and paint later. also is it ok to paint a boat or do I need to gel coat. thanks Eric

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    Gel is the way to go if you can afford to... You can make a ride plate that works great... I made one for my Galaxie and it worked out great, real cheap to do too.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    Start with a droop and diverter. You will be surprised how much it will free the boat up. It worked wonders on my old Crusader.

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    ol guy
    Do your'e self a favor. sraight-edge the bottom and see how much of a hook is in the back 6-8 inches of the bottom. ride plate will eliminate the hook problem to a certain extent. but only at WOT. Then ask what you want the boat for. Jet-o-vators are cool, makes a real cool rooster but actually helps the MPH less than actually getting the bottom straight first. FYI and my 2 cents. M

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    jet guy
    cool I think I will do that didnt think of that thanks

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2009
    Is the "ride plate and shoe" the plate under the bowl, and the adjustable mount for the plate? I've got a 12JE, and I see some adjustment screws on the trailing edge of the plate. Pics anyone?

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    Jet guy isnt your Tahiti a 16 footer also??

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    jet guy
    No it is a 18 ft. it is not a great speed hull but I still think it looks cool

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    Is it black right now? I think I remember seeing pics of it...mine isnt great for high speed, but it will certainly pin you to the seat!! I'm not too concerned with top speed numbers though, as 70 in enough for me (in this hull)

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    jet guy
    Yes it is black for now but it will be white ( or gray) yellow and purple next summer. I am happy with it I think 70 is ok for now but I like the way it runs in the chop and the price was right.

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