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Thread: Labor Day in Florida

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    Been kinda quiet as far as Labor Day weekend events. Anybody got anything going on, or wanna get something going?:idea: XFactor, Nuisance, anybody?

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    you are right it has a little slow gearin up . my boat in process of rebuild hope to get together soon with some fl boaters.west palm here.lookin to run lake george /st johns/kerr.soon
    19 sleek craft jet

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    hey you fla guys just had a party at lake alfred if you check with my web site on the big boy toy page, I will post the next party I think it will be Oct 7 at the same lake.

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    hey keep up the news i am not having a lot of luck hookin up with any florida people i know they are here but where? thanks
    87 sleek craft kauai

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