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Thread: Horse power question??

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    What is the most horsepower you can run on a bbc motor and still be able to use pump gas? Thank you

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    Tom Brown
    You might get a better response in the gear heads forum. We will just mock you here.
    Also, you might want to qualify that with your induction preferences.

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    I know Teague runs his 1100's on pump gas (91) I have his 800 and run (91).

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    I know the issue of thru hull exhaust HP increases just around the bend...

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    What is the most horsepower you can run on a bbc motor and still be able to use pump gas? Thank you
    How much do you want to spend?

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    Your question is a little wide spec. Considering this to be a run all day engine...
    Based on a GM Mark 4-5-6 type block...
    600 or so tops normally aspirated.
    upwards of 850 with some form of PSI maker.
    Any more than that and you will need a custom block. I would need a home equity line of credit.
    That Teague 800 is a real special piece for sho.

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    Sleeper CP
    How much do you want to spend?
    Good point. I have a friend with one of those 632" BBC with every trick part on it that you can think of. I think it cost around $60k 1,140HP on 91 octane:jawdrop:
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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    gabe1 it doesn't have much to do with hp, it has more to do with compression ratio. The higher the compession ration the more likely you are to need higher octane fuel. There are alot of ways to build HP without high compression, however you will find that most of your high HP motors are running upwards of 11:1 needing race fuel or some kind of octane boost.

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