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Thread: NEW - lockable floor jack mount for your truck!

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    One of the guys I work with just got in his floor jack mounts. All 5052 aluminum, they allow you to mount the 2 & 2.5 ton Craftsman aluminum floor jacks (which was the most popular in our HB poll) in the bed of your truck SECURELY. They are lockable to deter theft and easy to install. He also designed them for the Jeg's 1.5 ton and the generic Chinese jacks like you can find at Harbor Freight and Checker. If you have one of those, he can send you the mount measurements to see if it will fit your jack.
    Here's a few pics.
    His new company is called Desert Innovations, but it's not completely up and running yet, although he is selling the mounts. The initial offering price is $149. They are available now, payment through paypal. You can contact him at or at 775-209-3804.
    Here's what you get for that $149.

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    This may be a dumb question, but can I assume that you must pick out your jack first, then order the mount? It looks like a custom setup that requires you to install the lock tongue on the jack, that's why I ask. Nice product.

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    Yes, the mount fits to the jack. Currently, he has the lock tongue for the Craftsman's, Jegs' and Chinese jacks. All he would need to know is the inside-to-inside distance from one side plate to the other, and the bolt locations.
    Here's a pic of how that bolts up.

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