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Thread: Got me a new toy!!

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    yep.. mismatched fenders... kinda falls into the flatbiller thing / east county Daily driver haha... but nope.. this is my new desert toy (after a lil more mods and TLC). I was going back and forth between prerunner and side by side (the new polaris)... and ended up going this route. I had a decent prerunner before, but sold it... and I love trucks in the desert... but aslo had some fun in rhinos.
    4.0 V6 AUTO... all the bolt on goodies... equal length beams up front 20" travel, 3 link rear end 22" travel (will be around 30" when I get rid of the bed) King 2.5 dual rate coilovers all the way around... full cage, carbon fiber dash etc (new autometer guages not installed yet) 35" tires etc etc... all street legal, and cheaper than the rhino/rzr

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    Troy McClure
    Cool new toy...Can you PLEASE paint the think one forking color though....J/K...OK I'm not.

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    oh yeah.. plans will be new updated glass (painted lol) ... getting rid of the bed and re-do the bed cage... should be fun!!
    here was the old truck...ugly... but alot of fun

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    How much did you pick it up for?

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    Man I love those old Rangers. Especially the years with the I-Beams. You can get monster travel out of those for fairly cheap. Congrats, looks like a fun toy.

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