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Thread: 1989 200 Merc Running Hot

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    I ran my boat into the sand. It has a low water pickup and I found it pluged with rocks and sand. I didnt notice at first but the water temp and audio alarm both indicated it was overheating and the pressure gauge only shows 5 psi at any speed. It was about 14 psi before this started. I'm now at a loss as to what to do next. I have checked the thermostats they open at 140. I have back flushed every thing. I have removed the power head, heads, and exhaust extention. I found about a tablespoon of gravel and sand under it. The tell tail appears a little weak but it is working. The boppit? valve looks fine. I'm close to taking it in but I suspect that they will charge me 1000$ or so and find nothing? HELP

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    Water impeller in your lower unit. The sand eats them up. Replace it and you should see 14lbs. + again.

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    I wish it was the impeller. I've replaced it 2 times, I havent done the housing but it looks fine.

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    gregg canavan
    have you tried blowing into the nose cone with your mouth? flip the lower unit upside down...blow into the water inlets and you hear air rushing out? it should be reasonably air tight...pull that water pump base out...what does it look like?

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