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Thread: Holley Carb ??????

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    I have pink shooter cams. Are these for the biggest SHOT? Next they have three holes 1-2-3 What one is the most aggressive? Im thinking 3.
    Next the two holes where the cam mounts. 1-2 is the 2 the longer shot?
    I have a Holley book someplace, but if I start looking today it will be snowing before I find it. Thanks Dan

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    Jim W
    just think of the the little arm on the pump as a lever.
    The hole closest to the pivot point will give the most travel.
    Kind of like this.
    Pivot point------> O------o-----------o------------o--
    Now, any other questions before I whip your azz on Sunday big boy??????
    Be good, Jim

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    old flat
    Dan: If you have the white cams try them they are more aggressive on opening, I used to use the pink cams, now I use the white on the T-ram and blower motors,

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    Info from Holley.
    Installation Notes
    accelerator pump shot relative to cam color from lightest to heaviest are as follows. White, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green, Pink and Brown
    Installing a pump cam is straightforward. It’s a simple matter
    of loosening one screw, placing the new pump cam next to the
    throttle lever and tightening it up. There are two and sometimes
    three holes in each pump cam, numbered 1, 2 and 3.
    Placing the screw in position #1 activates the accelerator pump
    a little early, allowing full use of the pump’s capacity.
    Generally, vehicles which normally run at lower idle speeds
    (600 or 700 RPM) find this position more useful because they
    can have a good pump shot available coming right off this relatively
    low idle. Positions #2 and #3 delay the pump action,
    relatively speaking. These two cam positions are good for
    engines that idle around 1000 RPM and above. Repositioning
    the cam in this way makes allowance for the extra throttle rotation
    required to maintain the relatively higher idle setting.
    Pump arm adjustment and clearance should be checked and
    verified each and every time the pump cam and/or pump cam
    position is changed.

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    Thanks for the info. I found my problem yesturday. I found a chunk of crap in the passage from the accelerator pump. It runs perfect now. Headed to the lake to test it out today.

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    River Rat 005
    Wish my problem was that simple. I havn't got mine right yet.

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