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Thread: or other web hosting?

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    I want to get a website/domain name so that I can sell my product. I was reading about GoDaddy and it sounds like they would be a good place for a beginner. Any input will be greatly appreciated...

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    I use Go-Daddy for 2 different sites. Cheapest I've found for domain registration and hosting.
    It's a one-stop site for everything. They even have a "web-site tonight" deal where they help you get the site up and running in a flash.
    The have a ton of add-ons, especially for commercial sites. Things you'll need like shopping carts, credit card processing, etc.

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    Thanks, Alan. You are always ready to help!

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    I used them to register the domain, but I dont like thier hosting services, and the way its layed out.
    I use hostpc, its really easy for first time users, and their plans are cheaper per month.
    I signed up years ago, so they keep my price the same until I cancel, & haven't had any problems with them either.

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    Our company uses GoDaddy all the time to purchase domain names. I just bought another one yesterday.

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    Dan Lorenze

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    I use godaddy dor a couple of sites and over the past 5 years, have never seen their service interrupted or down. I also like the fact if I wanna call them at 1:00 a.m. - I get a live person, not a message to call back during regular business hours.

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    Godaddy here also, no problems at all!

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    Thanks for all the input. Sounds like GoDaddy might be the one for me (I did look at the others that were mentioned also, thanks )

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    It looks like most of us use godaddy for registering our domain names.
    If you are having a site built you should know what will be use for programming. For example, I use PHP for e-mailing from a page and ASP for all my other pages. Pretty straight forward. A friend had a site built that used cold fusion. That wont work with some providers and the guy who built it isn't going to host it anymore so he is searching for a new hosting service.
    Just something to think about.
    Now you are talking over my head, lol. I am hoping that GoDaddy has some sort of set up wizard to help me.

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