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Thread: B-29 and B-1 Rocket powered by 4 chainsaws....Pretty cool

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    The time it must have taken to put this all together amazes me. Very cool video:

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    that is pretty cool

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    that is pretty cool

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    Thats badass! I kept waiting to hear, "I'm caught in the jetwash!"

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    Damn, I really though he was gonna crash it. I was bummed. That thing is pretty cool... Sounds awesome too!

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    thanks for sharing.
    some serious skill in that guys fingers

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    Wow, that's one of the most impressive RC displays I've seen. Love how he spins it and has the guys parachute out. Very cool.

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    this is a little easier to watch since it is on Youtube.

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    That would be the X-1 not the B-1. Cool vid.

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