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Thread: OK all you Smith and Wesson lovers....

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    Baja Big Dog
    Ive said it before and got crapped on, I don't and wont own one, sold guns for years and I did sell quite a few, but only if someone really wanted one. they announced a recall..yes a recall, it seems they have had some "FIELD COMPLAINTS" that the guns jammed, S&W is recalling a shit load of magazines and guns due to what they say are defective springs, and some mag catch assemblies! This is the second recall, the first wasn't anything serious, the sears were breaking....not a big deal!!
    If you follow guns, these are the guns that someone at the highway patrol was getting blow jobs from that decided to buy them (model 40x or something like that), with out a competitive bid from any other manufactures, since the spec was written around the S&W.
    So if yo know any CHP, better let them know to not depend on the gun for protection!!!

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    Here's the story (from the Sacramento Bee):
    Smith & Wesson is recalling and replacing thousands of ammunition magazines it delivered with the California Highway Patrol's new semi-automatic pistols after officers reported bullets were not properly loading into their weapon's firing chamber.
    It marks the second time the CHP's new Smith & Wesson 4006 TSW pistols have been recalled this year. The recall affects more than 660 weapons distributed in the CHP's Inland division and was confirmed by spokeswoman Fran Clader, who emphasized that the problem did not put officers at risk and added the CHP maintains its confidence in the new weapons.
    Smith & Wesson spokeswoman Elizabeth Sharp didn't return telephone messages or an e-mail seeking comments.
    In March, the Springfield-based gun maker voluntarily recalled and replaced a defective metal catch on 3,000 new CHP guns it had already delivered. That move came after the part, known as a sear, failed during training shoots and rendered some weapons useless.

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    Thats cool with me, like I said before we should all have springfield armory, I have the TRP, and i try to stay away from the tupperware....
    i was thinking of mounting my latest toy to the boat....

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    Nice Diesel. Is that the Armalite???

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    Ill check them all out for you at the IACP show in New Orleans. Every manufacturer will be there..... Its like the shot show for cops….no I am not a cop, but I do sell to them.

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    Nice Diesel. Is that the Armalite???
    AR-30 legal in Ca since its a bolt action, 338 Lapua, def a collectors piece
    tactical Mark 4 leupold, it will see the ticks on a dog a 2 miles away & that 338 will reach the 2 mile marker too:devil:

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