Fuk them Chinese, Commie Countries!!!.. ..And so call American companies that SOLD US OUT!!---Boycott!, Boycott!!, Boycott!!!
Since their just Playing with us, now, I guess it'll take a few hundred Thousand dead!, before Our Elected Dip$hits will Debate how to kiss their A$$ES a little more!------------Then promply Ask if they will,--Pretty Please Stop!!---With a Cherry on Top!
What Aerosol, or products widely used will have Sarin or something wost is it!!
With ALL the doors open!....It's just the tip of the Iceburg That's Coming Through!! :jawdrop:
And who was that Suck-E, that gave them Most favored nation??---POS Trader!!
Went to buy a toy--VW convertable--to fit in the Rollin Garage--And that POS, was Made in Mexico!!
Lookin @ Mini-coopers now!