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Thread: Performance Carb

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    Need to send my Dominator out to have it flowed and tuned. Has anyone used Performance Carb in Ontario, calif. ? Would you recommend them? Complete stage 2 plus package for $455. This includes parts and labor.

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    Who did you talk to there? I think there were two guys and they split, Ron and Scott? I have had them do some smaller Holleys with good results, one for a race boat in Australia, and one for a 600 hp 383 Chevy sand jeep.

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    Spoke with Eddie.

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    Lance Patton is who I use. In my book he is one of the top guys in the country. Reasonable on pricing also. If you need his number I will post it. Just tell him Chris Straub sent you.

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    Let me have it Chris. He's worth a call if you say so.

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    Patton Carbs
    678 984 0106

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    John at Johns Fuel and Carburation. He does all my work and can set you up with what ever you need. He has made my boat run the number i wanted.His number is 510-786-2505 tell him Bob sent ya.

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    Thanks for the references guys. Happy Holidays..

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    Did a little follow up on your recommendations. Never heard from one of the referred shops posted. The other was way over the top for what I was looking for ($1500-$1700). That's fine, it's what he does, just more than what I need for my carb. Spoke with Randy from the Carb Shop in Ontario. Seems knowledgable, pretty reasonable cost wise. How important is flowing a carb on a bench. He said they pretty much know what your set up requires based on the info ( heads, cam, CR...etc) you provide. Every carb does not get flowed based on your needs, but does get run on their dyno motor following the blueprint. Anyone with experience with this shop?

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    Orange Gasm
    Sammy, keep dickin with that boat an you will have to start running TE class.

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