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Thread: Golf Tournament for Autism

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    Golf Tournament....Anybody interested...Here is the flyer. My nephew Mason is Autistic and is the coolest kid ever...after mine of course!!
    It will be a lot of fun and hope to see many of you there!

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    I do apologize for the late notice, but, It never dawned on me to put it on here...

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    My little boy is autistic also. Good luck with the tournament.

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    I'm playing, have a threesome of duffers. I support all the functions that the Temecula Autism group puts on. The Anselmo's are awesome people, and I love the fact, all the proceeds stay local and actually help the kids!
    Look for me, I'm a tall fat bald guy, prolly lots of us, but find me and say Hi.
    Glad you posted this, the golf and food at Temecula Creek Inn are always first class!!!!
    Later, doc

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    Hey SB, we need a fourth, if you are alone let me know!!
    doc :devil:

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    Count me in, with the provision that I need to make arrangements with my wife so that she won't work Friday night.
    It's a Sat. tourney.

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    Last Minute Sonsors would be great!!

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    " Last Minute Sonsors would be great!!"
    What are Sonsors? :idea:

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    Any late entries? It's gonna be a lot of fun!!!!!
    SWB, does it look like you gonna make it, or wife's schedule not working out???

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    is there any room left? I am not a good golfer by any means but love to play

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