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Thread: So... Kilr told me...

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    Maybe this will work.....
    Firehouse Dance Club
    Saturday night, Sept 1, they are having a stripper pole dance contest at the new Firehouse (old Shooters) upstairs bar. Contestants get drink specials starting at 9:00PM, contest at Midnight (yeah, get em liquired up).
    Should be interesting
    Sorry man...

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    I am heading there RIGHT NOW, Meet us there Franky
    I have the RUG DOCTOR with me

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    I think I have this Sandbar BS figured out
    Man it is fricken howlin out up here, i gotta check the pool furniture...

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    Bump for the FIREHOUSE

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    Where is the Firehouse. Come on show some love.

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    Right behind deltaco and in and out

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    Right behind deltaco and in and out
    Not to many Del Tacos in AZ.

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