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Thread: Whats the fastest you've gone on the water??

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    and what were you riding in?? ps anyone been in a 32 dcb 1100/6 setup yet & ?? & if so howed it feel?devil: :devil: :devil: :idea: :idea: :idea:

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    135mph in a 21' raysoncraft v-drive with a fuk load of power. "Fuk load is way more than a sh!t load"

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    and what were you riding in?? ps anyone been in a 32 dcb 1100/6 setup yet & ?? & if so howed it feel?devil: :devil: :devil: :idea: :idea: :idea:
    Have not been in that setup, but I did talk with Bob Teague after the DCB Regatta and he said the boat did not like to run under 120. Not in a bad way it is just that the boat took off right to 120 and cruised. He said he ran it a bit north of 150.

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    fuk load vs shit load i love it!! didn't like it under 12o!! wow thats sick! sounds like just the ticket!!:jawdrop: :jawdrop:

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    maybe hes talking a drag boat?

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    War Canoe
    I was in a 36' Eliminator Daytona with twin 900 Poker motors....Bob Leach at the wheel, the Bullhead Bully was on board with us, 135+ at Lake Mead. It was kinda' rough and it was a memorable ride to say the least.

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    I drove a 368 Skater to 152 last year. You'll never ride/drive a more stable boat at speed.
    Bob T's 32' probably doesn't handle well at low speeds with 6's that is why he likes the 120 mark. I know somebody that rode with him and he had to get out of it at 140 because the boat was getting out of shape do to boat wakes. That's the trade off in a narrow west coast boat.

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    :idea: 135 in a 21' boat ?? then you might hold the record for the worlds fastest 21, which I believe was held by the guy that drove the Cheyene 21 (126+), he died I beleive.
    It was the old 747 a friend of mines boat and it was the only surviving one that rudy made that was a tunnel v bottom 1500+hp.

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    Ok my buddy , my friend, I heard
    I was told..
    WAKE THE **** UP People have you done it or not.....
    I DROVE, PILOTED COMMANED or what ever you want to call it.
    a 32 DCB at 129MPH for 2 miles thru 2' swells(YES AT THE RIVER).
    But then again I WAS TOLD what is was like to drive a MTI at 202MPH thru havasu.
    So HOLLAR at a brother

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    142 in a 22' boat

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