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Thread: Safety Gear Questions???

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    I was wondering what the options are for helmets and restraints? Best styles and places to buy? What's everyone like? Thanks...

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    I like full-face helmets, so I have the Lifeline 4-point helmet restraint...2 clips on each side, one in front, and one in back.

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    Helmet restraint Lifeline. Jacket etc. Security.

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    mostly crue
    Full face helmet for sure. I really don't like the four point restraint system. It
    seems like you are always trying to adjust the straps. Alpinestars has a new restraint system coming out that is like the Hans device. I don't like the Hans
    device because you can't really turn your head. The Alpinestars version is made mainly for motorcyclists, but you can sfely turn your head. I'll keep everyone posted after I test the Alpinestar unit.

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    This summer was my first year wearing a helmet. I bought a new SRP torso suit with the restraints.
    I am real happy with the working of the restraints. It is easy enough to put on by myself that I wear it. Being I am running a circle boat vision was a great concern, It is working real well.
    I have not tested it & don't plan to.
    After Long beach I am concerned with the jacket turning me upright. Especially with the fact that I wear sneakers when I drive my boat.

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    Im sticking with LIFELINE. I know there bulky but having seen as many pics of boat crashes wearing lifeline im confident there the BEST. I have the new ballistic panels front and back built in. After the long beach incident seeing that pic of him face down was not good!!

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    what brand of jacket was the guy wearing in longbeach when he drowned.

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    I was wearing a brand new Security Race Products inboard racing jacket.
    When I called them about my problem they said I should have jumped in a pool with it on before I used it, but they didn't tell me that when I bought it.
    I thought they knew what they were doing since they asked me for all my measurements, and my weight. Consequently my boat hit me in Long Beach and I was knocked out, the jacket did not right me and I drowned. Thanks to the Long Beach Fire Department I was resusitated and am here today. I agree with Wayne, when I return to racing I will have a Lifeline, they are bulkier, but they work. I have heard that other racers with SRP jackets have since tested them in pools and they don't right you everytime, one guy even tested a torso suit. Buyer beware.

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    On a positive note. I did have the sewn in helmet restraints. They do limit your visibility, but if you look at my crash photos I would have broken my neck without it. Gotta have a neck restraint, I'm living proof.http://crash.jpg

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    Lifeline has kept me safe in two flips.

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