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Thread: No power steering on Outlaw

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    My hydraulic steering actuator started leaking on my '93 Outlaw so I bought a used one off a parted-out '99 Outlaw. It's the newer style but bolted right up for the most part. Also replaced the power steering pump and the high-pressure line. I still have no power steering . Today I started it up and cracked both the high pressure and return line on the actuator and it oozed from the return and squirted from the high pressure side. Is this just a bad actuator as well or could it be a bleed problem or something else I'm missing? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Does the Cable move freely when it's disconnected,..??..??.....

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    It does. The fluid level in the power steering pump does not vary at all when I turn the wheel back and forth. I also bypassed the oil cooler using a splice to see if there was blockage there. No change. And when I pulled the low-pressure line off the back of the power steering pump, it squirted out of it too.

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