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Thread: Ok whos not going out of town?

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    27 Awesome cat

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    27 Awesome cat
    Me. Too hot to move.
    Oh boy lets talk about the heat.........It was so hot today my nutts melted together....
    Naw it was hot enough that mommma's took her cloathes off before I had to ask

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    I am stayin home... Its soooo exciting.

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    Me. I don't do Pro-Amateur Weekend anymore.

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    Staying home this weekend

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    prop check
    I'm stayin home and workin.....

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    27 Awesome cat
    NOT US,we might go down sat night to the docks and see azw/w and only$ /roln20's/mardonzi's but i don't think we will even put the boat in the water ,i have never seen so many boats go by my house as i'v seen today,EVERYONE BE SAFE THIS WEEKEND
    Sounds like a swingers party

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    got to work this am and do not get off till Monday am... gonna be headed to the launch ramp monday around noon...

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    staying home,, gotta work.... family is leaving. 7 and 7 right now enjoying the start of college football. HDTV is the best!

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