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Thread: How many people on here think

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    27 Awesome cat
    Kilrtoy is a dick?

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    no comment(even though this is a comment)

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    Come on he like UCLA he has to be a DICK
    :sqeyes: :sqeyes:

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    should we care?????????????

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    Tom Brown
    ... he called me a soccer mom minivan reckless driver, whatever the hell that means.
    Do you drive an H2?

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    I don't.
    Oops, was I only supposed to answer if I do think he is a dick?

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    River Runin
    My post count's to low to Answer!

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    No. Ford F250 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4. Furthest thing from a minivan one could imagine. You pretty much have to climb on top of a minivan to get in.
    Isn't that called an H2 recovery vehicle?

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    I reserve the right to answer at a later date...:idea:

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    he has his own style

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