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Thread: SBC 434 - What block to use ?

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    Ready to build a 434 or 427 SBC, what's the best block to use ? I'm looking at maybe a Dart or Motown/World.
    I'm looking for 600 + hp with a single 4 barrel and 91 octane. All I have so far is the 4" crank w/400 mains and 6" rods.
    I'm leaning toward the Motown because it's already clearenced for the 4" crank.
    Anybody got a preference and why ?

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    Grab the latest issue of engine masters magazine. My tall deck, spread rail, raised cam, aluminum Dart 427 is on the cover with some good info inside. You can PM me if you have some detailed questions. -Kevin Crocie

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    I looked for that Mag and haven't found it yet.
    Anybody have any experience with a std. htg. steel block ?
    Hp numbers ?

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    Taking a quick look across the net I see many shops using the Dart Little M block for 600 and change hp 434's. For the bigger HP (800+) it looks like they use the Dart Iron Eagle blocks - raised cam and tall deck comes up often.
    Just an internet 'window shopping' experience. So, take it for what it is.....not much. LOL.

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    Grab the latest issue of engine masters magazine. My tall deck, spread rail, raised cam, aluminum Dart 427 is on the cover with some good info inside. -Kevin Crocie
    Sounds cool. Congrats for making the mag. I too will take a look for this.

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    Std. deck is fine. Just triple check the assembly. Use 1 rod and piston combo, no rings. Just set the crank in with 2 mains, install the cam and gears. Spin it, and wait for chit to bang into each other. Right of the bat I know JE has shelf flat tops w/1.000" pin height. I would also recomend a custom roller from comp or crane with a .860 base circle in the 8620 alloy, just to ensure max clearence, but you probably will still have to do some grinding. Or if you dont want to dick with all of that you could send it to me and I will custom build you a sweet combo. BTW the 427 made an easy 585hp on pump gas AFR 210, custom (way to small) dune buggy 750 carb and 1.875 headers. 467 ft/lbs at 2800rpm, over 500 ft/lbs from 3500 to 6100rpm with a peak of 562 at 4800 rpm. Over 500 hp from 4700 to a peak of 585 at 6200 and still pulling 582 at 6400 ( end of test ). And this with a small custom street roller. A 210 head on a 434 with 15 degrees more cam and a dominator 1050 would easily be in the 660 hp range at 6600 rpm

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    I used a donovan block for my 406 and i'm pulling about 600hp on pump gas, 11to1 pro topline 235cc heads and a .625 solid roller cam. This thing comes on like a light switch a 4000rpm and pulls to 8500rpm

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    Sorry to jump off topic but Machinehead brought up killer info on making power with this type of motor. Something to seriously think about.
    That info being the new AFR 210 Eliminator head. IMHO, Just mentioning this alone means Machinehead knows what to use for big power.
    On a different forum, these heads (AFR Eliminators in general) where being discussed . Joe Sherman jumped in and said the following:
    This is just a teaser, but I have the new 210 version on a 408 cubic inch motor, pump gas bigger roller cam, and it is putting outin the 670 HP region but I think there is still some left yet. Torque is 575 lbs.I cant say more now.
    Granted, this is for a street car (not BOAT), but never the less, this is outstanding power for a pump gas, 23° heads, and just 408cid's. He's also getting a ton of power (615hp @6700) out of pump gas 383's with the smaller 195cc Eliminators.

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    I said, a 434, but it will be a 427. I think, why use up a bore size on a new
    block. 4.125 X 4.00 W/6" rods JE flat top's W/1.0 ch World Block, Billet
    Head choice is between;
    AFR 210 Eliminator's Alu. and Dart Pro1 Platinum 215's Alu.
    It's for a light weight Jet boat and the RPM's will be between 3500 and 5600.
    Will it make over 600+ HP with a Hyd. Roller or will I be leaving to much HP
    laying on the table and need to go to a Solid Roller ?
    Hyd. would be less maintance . . . . it needs to run top RPM for 1/2 hr or so.

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    Dart Block
    210 to 220ish Head
    Hyd roller for the rpm you want to run will be fine
    Super Victor/Brodix/Dart style intake with plenum dividers
    Your HP will vary as you are shooting for a lower rpm then most. On the conservative side you should be around 500 if you want to spin the engine higher then 550 to 600 range is possible. If you spin it higher I would go for a larger CC head around the 220 range.

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