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Thread: Fast Boats, Fast Women & Lingerie

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    Havasu Secret
    #1 in a series for all you Merc owners back in the snow and ice. This is Havasu on 1-20-2002 Air temp 70 degrees and water temp a chilly 54 degrees.

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    You know HS; I think you and I are going to get along just fine as long as you keep this kind of stuff up! Keep gettin' wet! http://free.***

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    Being in Va. you are definetly making me jealous!!!

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    Being in Va. you are definetly making me jealous!!!

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    This looks so tempting with an eliminator and drinks!!! you sure know how to tempt us boys,now this does come with a ride to either copper or the sand bar,right????
    http://free.*** http://free.*** http://free.*** Cole

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    HEY. You stole my medicine! Don't let the word out. There won't be any left on the store shelves....

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    Havasu Secret
    Hey Cole,
    Either destination is included. The only question is... do you want it top/braless or not.
    See You in Havasu!!!

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    Havasu Secret
    Maybe I should have said:

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    I give ya a B- overall.
    Creativity A-
    Design C+
    Artwork A++
    Clarity B (nappy ole dock in the background)
    What would be THE AAA+++? Havin the lil gal who lost her top layin over the transom with lipstick prints on one glass, the bottle between her .... and the bra hangin loosely from under her as it begins to slide down to the floor.
    GREAT pic,

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    havasu secret hows life in paradise????
    Do you still have that vodka chilled???
    that eliminator warmed up????
    and that bra ready for?????
    because we are coming soon!!!!!!
    probably in the next couple of weeks!!!
    i sent you an e-mail!!talk to you soon
    http://free.*** http://free.*** Cole

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