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Thread: TPI 848 efi DEMO NEW OFFER

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    Here is an idea:
    Seeing how there are many do it yourselfers on this site and a whole bunch of guys with great contacts, I have come up with a crazy offer:
    I still have the TPI 848 efi available that I ran some tests on over the Summer. It has a whopping total of 31 hours and 5 oil changes/services.
    Seeing how I utilized most of my own parts(exhaust, accessories, balancer, ignition, ecu, coolers, motor mounts) from my own personal motor(to minimize costs), I now have a motor that someone else can "finish" up exactly the way they want.....................any colors, brackets, ect..........I would be more than happy to assist the buyer with parts or accessories if they need them.
    Essentually, you would be purchasing a complete custom ALL AMERICAN longblock(valve covers to pan) with a fully polished Whipple Kit, including MOAC intercooler and oil feed system in place.
    You could bag it up and do the project in the Winter, Spring, or whenever it works out.
    The motor has a new distributor timed and in place, along with all of the sensors being installed(NO ECU). I am working on the price:idea:
    Bottom Line Price.
    Gary Taylor/(805)480-2693

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    So am I getting this right? This is 22K less then you normally charge for the same motor? And you just dropped it 12K in a months time.........??

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    Maybe this will make it more clear. Sorry for the confusion Andy01:
    1. The price was dropped $10K on the motor because I put 31 hours on it. Which I felt was more than fair in a VERY soft economy..........................
    2. This price ($24,640) reflects the motor without all of the listed accessories,as stated above:exhaust, accessories, balancer, ignition, ecu, coolers, motor mounts). The buyer will provide these items themself.
    Essentually, you would be purchasing a complete custom ALL AMERICAN longblock(valve covers to pan) with a fully polished Whipple Kit, including MOAC intercooler and oil feed system in place.
    This gives me an opportunity to move this motor and a "crafty" consumer to purchase it and buy there own accessories from thier own source or through me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whatever is easiest. The price is VERY fair for what is here. This is what is for sale:

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    great price ... and nice piece ...

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    Thanks Busby,
    Guys in the industry know the cost of what is involved in a set up like this, with these kind of parts..................
    I figured at this price,,,,,,,,,,,a guy could snatch it up, and bargain shop for the accessories over the off season, and have himself a VERY nice efi motor for 2008..........................................

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    Parts Included in this 540 are:
    Dart Big M Tall Deck 4.500 bore X 10.200 deck
    Callies magnum series crank 4.25
    Manley Pro I beam rods 6.535
    J&E Custom made pistons with file fit rings
    Cometic head gaskets
    Dart CNC Pro 1 heads with Inconel valves w/ 2 piece Dart guide plates
    Crane Hydraulic roller cam
    Crane Hydraulic roller lifters
    Crane Billet roller timing chain
    Manley Push Rods
    Crane tapered racing roller rockers
    Melling blue printed oil pump
    Hardin/KE 10 quart offshore racing oil pan/pick up
    GM Performance Chrome Timing chain cover
    IMCO slotted valve covers/breathers
    Gasket set
    Clevite 77 rod and main bearings
    Knock sensor
    Inlet air temp sensor
    Map sensor
    water temp sensor
    Throttle position sensor
    water temp "sending unit"
    over temp alarm sender
    Complete Whipple 200ax SC with MOAC Intercooler
    GM Performance Distributor/stud,clamp etc.......
    Lets not forget the cost of all the machine work involved to make all of these new parts fit together perfectly, and the necessary labor.
    Gary Taylor/TPI (805)480-2693

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    so all a guy needs is a little fiberglass and a few misc. parts
    to be haul'n ass!!! LOL bump

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    After many PM's................Here you go.......
    This would be the list of parts necessary for completion:
    Headers/gaskets/bolts(I use fully polished CMI elbow tops #13005)
    Water crossover
    Mefi 4 ecu
    EFI wiring harness
    Merc wiring harness
    50A fuse
    Starter solonoid
    ECU box(head mount)
    Spark plug wires
    Sea Pump/bracket
    Power Steering Pump/bracket
    3 v-belts
    Oil cooler(large capacity)
    Power steering cooler
    Remote oil filter(head mount HP6)
    Misc Aeroquip plumbing
    Preformed 1 1/4" hose/clamps
    Flywheel(internally balanced)
    ATI balancer(internally balanced)
    HP drive coupler
    Front motor mount/feet
    Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator(set to 45 lbs)
    Aeromotive fuel pump/filter/fuel water seperator
    Sea Strainer kit for the Intercooler
    Misc stainless allens, washers, nuts
    Come and get available

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