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Thread: Why Is The Lincoln Navigator Now A Lo Rider?

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    Our river buddies came out this morning and their Navigator is now a low rider in the rear. Looks like the air ride is bad. Front looks normal. Fuses look fine. Anyone had this happen to theirs and know how to fix it?

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    Reminds me of Lincolns in the past.:idea:

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    My dads Lincoln Mark 8 did the same thing. Think his airbag computer was bad.

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    I know this will sound stupid, but open and close the rear hatch back, and see if the rear comes up. Part of what controls the ride height is incorporated into the hatch back wiring harness. I have a auto body shop, and when we remove the hatch back the air leveling quits working. :idea:

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    SK48 they are going to try that! I will let you know if it works. Thanks!

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    Navigator owner here, you have a on/off switch on passenger side of the side panel, make sure that noone had kicked it in the off position. You have to turn it off while the Navigator up on the auto racks to avoid damage to the air suspension, our computer controlled air regulater went out at 66,000

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    Thanks Mark. Will try that next.

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    Baja Big Dog
    Neighbor had a compressor go out last year, at Moabi, pricey little unit when ford fixed it (I think I heard something like 4-5 hundies)!!

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    Check the switch in the front pasenger kick panel area, a service guy forgot to activate mine this past week. someone streching and footing around in the area could turn it off easy

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    did the rear end get fixed?

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