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Thread: 79 b-boat for sale along with other stuff

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    Cleaning house, Fitzgerald's old boat, 2 62 b-boats one with 283 one with 401 Nailhead, 70 longdeck Hallett, no motor, if your interested in any of these boats let me know, I'm wanting a completed runner bottom drag boat. I have the old "Carribean Queen" circle b-boat also with built BBC installed, I would like to keep one of the circle boats so whichever ones goes away first I'll keep the other. Thanks, Matt 602-361-2174

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    pm sent..mouz

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    Razors Edge
    Damn dat Mouzer lol

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    How much for the dump truck? EX Quickshot

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    Scotty, The dump truck is out of your max price range of 1500.00. You got rid of your hydro?

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    It was either slow it down or get a capsule:idea:

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    you're a dick! Dont they have an age restriction for that class ! maybe I should tell them about your medical condition!

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    The oxygen is mandatory...How much you asking for that tail chaser anyway?

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    Razors Edge
    PM'd ya too

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