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Thread: Points to Electronic Conversion - Olds 455

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    Need some help decifering part numbers.
    Running a late 70's 455 Oldsmobile (Packajet 455-4) with a single point Mallory Distributor and coil, but would like to swap out with one of the many electronic conversion kits, Petronix, Mallory, etc.
    The tag on my Mallory Distributor reads V-501GV. The book does not list the distributor model, but lists a rotor number of 309, a cap of 209-B, a points set of 25042, and a condenser of 400. From The breakdowns I've found on the web, my guess is that it's either a YL or YT Marine Distributor. Unfortunately, the guys at Advance Auto, AutoZone, and Auto Value don't seem to have a clue what conversion kit I need, or what coil to swap over to.....
    Any help.... Greatly appreciated...

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    I bought a brand new Mallory dual point unit off of eBay for $40 to fit my Olds. I also got a used Unilite that fit a Pontiac for $20. I swapped out the Unilite and the points unit. I now have a nice distributor for a reasonable cost. I have a Mallory point dizzy left that has numbers you can find. YL501AV.
    The "501" tells you it is Olds. You should be able to get a Pertronix Ignitor to fit a YL Mallory, or a Mallory Unilite kit to fit as well. You can use your stock coil, and ballast resistor.

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    stock HEI makes more than enough spark for a medium compression Olds. I have a clean one with brass in the cap if you are interested...

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    Installed the Pertronix Ignitor II the other day.... to anyone still running a late model single point, make the change. About $170 out the door including the cap, rotor, and coil which aren't a requirement in the upgrade, and the old gal runs smoother than she's ever run before. Almost too smooth at idle if you're like me and love the sound of a loping cam... Hands down she's smoother outa' the hole than she was with the last points/condenser/timing swap last season.
    Don't think she's really improved at top end or anything, but man is she smooth...

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    Thats great news

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