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Thread: my new boat

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    hey guys i wanted to show you my new to me sanger hydro. its a ski. i was looking at it and picked it up for 2800. floors in good shape. has casale 10 deg with 22's. hasent been in water in 11 years. been sitting in barn with no motor in it. all wht paint still in good shape but getting new pani and flow coat floors this winter. i hope to hang with you all this next summer as soon as i get my sanger mini back from paint from bullett fiberglass . they are doing great work brian and his dad are awsome. other great help is precision craft marine in fairfield. both joe sr. and joe jr. great people. luckly i sold my 72 flat for a good price

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    looks more pics when you get a chance

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    gosh I love those Sanger hydros

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    Nice choice!

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