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Thread: Huntington Beach HOT!!!!

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    It feels like Havasu outside here at the beach. Pretty close to 100.

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    105 in Yorba Linda

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    Hot and HUMID here in Castaic.

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    I went to Newport this weekend to escape the heat.:idea:
    109 Inland yesterday. 106 in Scottsdale..... I guess I screwed up..

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    Yes it is cooler but feels hotter due the fact our Havasu home is built for the high temps. The front of my house in HB has a lot of glass on the front that takes the sun straight on.

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    Just got back from three day's in Huntington Beach. It was hotter than I remember it being in a lot of years. The beach was PACKED! Still good times though.

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    I agree it hot in Huntington Beach !!!!~ :sqeyes: We fired up the AC in our RV instead of the house. Its cheaper and it gets colder faster. My wife and daughter are planning on sleeping in it tonight..

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    Mr. C
    Just took one of my sons friends home, car said 107 at 5:30 WTF
    I don't even want to be outside by the pool anymore today.
    Rich, how was Blythe?
    Hot and HUMID here in Castaic.

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    Pool is 88 and felt great today!

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    79 in HB now

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