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Thread: Do You Screen What Your Kids Watch on TV and the Movies?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    My wife being raised mostly by her Swiss mom and Swiss Grandparents has her head on differently on what is ok for the little ones to watch compaired to most I'd wager.
    The super scary stuff she screens, but on National Geographic a Stallion gets a milking down for Artifical Insemination, or adult theme stuff usually gets a pass.
    Dirty Jobs has some rank episodes,, pass.
    Discovery Health some brutal stuff,, pass.
    Seems OK I guess, damfino.
    What do you screen from the kids?

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    I don't think my parents ever screened anything from me, well except for the sex scenes. They made me cover my eyes lol

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    when i was a kid there was no need to screen shows, most everything was in black n white and pretty tame.
    my oldest daughter will be 18 in january and i pretty much let her watch whatever she wants. my younger ones i will tell them yes or no depending on what it is they want to see. if they have any friends over i will check with their parents before letting them watch something.

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    I thought I'd get my boys ready for the reality of things so we all watched Blackhawk Down together.

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    [QUOTE=Trailer Park Casanova;2772651
    What do you screen from the kids?[/QUOTE]
    We screen for graphic violence, language, and adult content.
    My boys are only 8 and 6.
    Mrs.Mblaster and I would like to keep them innocent for as long as we can.
    That can be difficult with all the tv channels, movies, and video games. Not to mention being out on our boat in certain "party atmospheres". Our kids understand it when we explain that some stuff is for older kids and adults.
    So far so good. I'll get back to you in 10 years and let you know how we did.

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    I thought I'd get my boys ready for the reality of things so we all watched Blackhawk Down together.
    lmao nothing like letting little kids see a man torn apart... I actually made my g/f watch that movie and Hotel Rawanda when she was on a trip to "save africa." That ended after those two movies.

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    My daughter is 10 and I recently found out that she's been watching "Rock Of Love" in her room at night, knows all of the girls and has her favorites and really likes Bret too.

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    My kids are 8 & 4. They have no interest in the scary stuff and think kissing is disgusting, so they don't want to watch it anyway.
    If they are watching TV, it's usually on the Disney Channel.
    If they want to watch discovery or educational stuff, we usually sit with them to make sure it's ok and they always have a lot of questions that need answering. Problem is, half the time I don't have the answer and have to run and check on the internet.
    We have to screen how much TV they watch more then what they are watching.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Yes. Our choice was to not have network or cable tv (been 15 years now). We only watch movies in our house, so since I go to the video store or buy the movies, yes, we screen them. Our son is 11 and we will sometimes let him watch pg-13, but oftentimes not. If there is a sex scene, we have him leave the room. That is the trade-off.

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    I have 19-month-old twins and they're basically banned from watching any TV or videos at all. It's not easy, as I know plopping them in front of a Disney video would mesmerize them so that my wife and I could play! The American Academy of Pediatrics says babies under two should watch no TV so that's who we follow. Other studies have found correlation between autism and ADHD in kids who watched TV when they were younger than three. (I'm not anti-TV or anti-video -- sheesh, I grew up watching TV just like everybody else in my generation.) Once they're three, we'll cut 'em loose (but screen the content). I'm looking forward to that day!

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