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Thread: living beyond your means

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    This is not meant to offend anyone in here I'm just thinking out loud. I have some acquaintances that were making some large $$ over the last few years and evidently blowing it as fast as it came in. living large, big boats, bigger houses, new cars, golf trips to Hawaii, all the trimmings of new found success. the part that baffles me is that they were intelligent enough to see a good thing and go after it but not smart enough to stash any money along the way.

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    Seen it happen a few times to some seemingly smart people. I think they have had to watch how they spend money in the past and when they finally make good money they just want to have fun and enjoy it.

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    A lot of people that have never been through it before don't realize that it probably won't last forever.
    I have a friend whose wife makes $33k/month,
    I think my wife needs a new career

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    While it isn't too smart, maybe they realize they can't take it with them and want to live life. 22k a month buys a ton of life experiences i'd think. I'd be seriously so pissed if I died with 100k in my bank, when I could have had a nice boat on the water.

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    Seems like the american way to live outside your means

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    They don't really experience life either. It's not like they travel the world. They just spend a lot of money on stuff, stuff like shoes and watches and sushi.
    Hey, don't talk crap on The shoes, i'll have my g/f on here to chew you out for mentioning that..

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    I know a couple like that. They constantly buying stuff and not saving for a rainy day.

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    I know a few realeaste/title/ morage agents that were like that. Then I know others that built thier nest egg and are now sitting on 100k plus in IRA/stocks/ bonds/ investments. Guess which ones are not hurting really bad right now?
    I also know some contractors that got flithy rich off of the boom of new housing and are now going belly up.

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    I just had this very discussion with Brown the other day......I was trying to convince him that the wanna be baller lifestyle he at the boats...ect all to attract the younger chicks....with him paying for it with his Visa card ...would eventually bite him in his rare steak eatin ass......He just wont listen...

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    A lot of people that have never been through it before don't realize that it probably won't last forever.
    I have a friend whose wife makes $33k/month, $22k after taxes, and they don't have a pot to piss in besides their house and a few toys. I usually have to feed him lunch the last couple days before her payday (she gets paid once a month).
    when they get divorced will you hook me up with her?????

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