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Thread: labor day pics

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    not any more crowded than normal
    very empty north end past cottonwood

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    more pics from great weekend no drama

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    more pics

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    Looks like you launched at Katherine's. How were the crowds at the Ramp?

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    nice pics!!....we were there a couple weeks ago but we didn't have any big horn sightings

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    crowds not there clean smooth ride the whole way from kathrens

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    Thanks for the pics/memories. I was just talking with my dad yesterday about how much I enjoyed Cottonwood and the ride to the dam, although we neve semed to catch the good water that you did.
    The first time we went was 1978 with our brand new 22' daycruiser, we thought we were hot sh-t in that "big" boat. We'll make the run again when our kids get a little older.
    Thanks again.

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    Great looking pixtures, I wish I was out there. Going today for a houseboat trip though...Thanks for posting.

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