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Thread: Moses Lake Washington Roll Call

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    sanger ss396
    I Will be there on friday evening. SS396. It is going to be a great race for the flat bottoms. i know there will be at least 3 different classes in the v-drive class. would like to see some jets show up also. The race sight at Cascade Park is close to motels and some good place's to eat. There is also tent and RV spots at the park.

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    CircleJerk check the photos of our final race site for 2007.

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    sanger ss396
    the dates for moses lake is 15th and 16th and there will be testing on friday for those of u who need to. from what the jerk told me this morning we are going to have a good turn out of flat bottoms. looks like in the area of 12 to 15 boats.

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    Lots and lots of boats, 9 in the 468 class and 7-8 in the Sk class, I listed them all for you but lost the text, so trust me on this one, it's going to be good! Also vintage hydroplanes numbering 5 or more....

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    Larry & Boyde will be there arond 12, at camp 21 Rick

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    Usually, these races seem 'ho hum' to most of you guys and gals and you are tired of reading my babble.
    This race will be different, listen up......
    The gauntlet has been thrown down gentleman, the war of the L vs B boats is only a few days away!
    Three Ls and Three B boats are preparing to provide some of the best free entertainment-action Washington or the World has seen in some time!
    The Lavey Navy:
    SS76 'orange crush' a 1976 that yes, has had its side blown out twice
    SS701 'Hoter Canary' a 1974 formerly the Faulkner Familys trick bottomed piece of history with new sensational Mike #2 shoe.
    #PC871 (50) Sweet Caroline and last years Champion in Nostalgia 468
    The Doo-Bees:
    SS514 a 1975 ski deck driven by the undefeated Rookie from Hillyard and #2 driver for Team Davis
    PS34 former Chad Crowders heavy 1975 long deck b-boat now featuring a new potent stroker
    SS113 the rare early 72 long deck that ran some SSRA events in 2007
    That's the six boat war, now the spoilers:
    SS79 Barron Sprint formerly 'Tequila Sunrise' of Tim Clavarea now expertly driven by good friend Mark from Olympia and also has new stroker power (also Champion driver)
    #71 a 1971 Hondo half runner with new 468 power and record a setter at 74.2 mph average on a 3/4
    Now, will they run all 8 together or split up 4 and 4 with elimination heats? I dont know, I have my own trouble:
    #E39 'E-Motion' Marlin with the 28 year veteran
    SK 680 Jones driver unknow sbc
    SK76 Sanger 'Book Um Dano' from Priest River
    SS396 driven by the former 'Little Miss Bud' hydroplane driver in his second flat bottom race
    K57 'Greaser' 1973 Aquacraft Shark
    #65 Wickens 'TinkerToy' driven by Sharon (dont underestimate her)
    535 Hondo Sprint driven by last years SK Champ
    There you are, to the best of my knowledge our 2007 Moses Lake flat bottom war participants. Too bad the Seattle APBA guys wont accept our challenge and show up! Our reduced entry fee alone would pay for two tanks of gas to get them there! Well Kip and the rest, you are invited.
    One last boat is the fresh SS95 enclosed strut Bezer now residing in Oregon with rookie driver. If they show up, they will get beat but that driver will get some real experience! Hey George Woods, come on over, the waters fine! Nostie Nostalgia!

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    sanger ss396
    WOW LOOKS LIKE A BIG BIG SHOOT OUT. come one come all to race are just bring your boat. you can race on the water or on shore for a show and shine. jets are also welcome.

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    The Circle Jerk has been fine tuning his plate and has the big jets in so watch out Larry or he will lap you. Moses Lake will be our best race of the year with a big turn out and beautiful weather. I'm heading over Friday morning to give any assistance I can to help Todd with set up. Everybody have a safe weekend. Jimmy D.

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    You are right, my pedal is hard to push now! Got steroids? Frequent Flyer points WON'T be cashed in anytime soon! Carnival rides might be safer!

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    sanger ss396
    at the spokane county fair which is going on right now. there has been ride failure on 2 of the rides. there was some minor injurys. the rides had some broken parts. which they had to shut down. now jerkoid if u get a broken part then please don't get hurt hehehehe. LETS ALL HAVE A SAFE WEEKEND. see u all there.

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