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Thread: 1985 Laser XE

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    Dimarco Kid
    1985 Laser XE, "good cond." no outboard or controls, got a "good" trailer under it, appears to be 19 or so long, rated for a 150 (hand scratched into the USCG tag) and from my boat building standpoint, doesn't need much work. The guy is asking $1800 OBO, but I'm sure he would take less, is this boat worth it? Cond. seems worth it, but I know nothing about Laser boats. It's a "gull wing" looking hull with an aluminum stand off bracket. Any info, or suggestions?
    D Kid

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    hey d kid do you still have ricks hydro
    tunnel t

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    Offer him 800. It would have to be a 1995 before I gave him 1800.

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    D Kid, I have an 89 laser, it's the same boat, it is worth the money, the ride isn't too bad and thier fun to drive!!

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