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Thread: Bent skeg need help!!!

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    Hi guys, a cousin of mine got into some shallow water, hit bottom, trashed his prop and damaged the skeg on his 90 hp Evinrude (sp?). It's not real bad but he would like to straighten it- if possible. It also has some fair sized dings that I think we can grind out and repaint. So I was wondering if anybody has any advice on how to straighten a bent skeg without breaking the dam thing completely off the lower unit. The bend is on the bottom 1/3 and it's not real bad. I'm guessing the material is cast aluminum so it's probably not the most ductile material in the world. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!!
    ps it really is my cousin and not me because I'm smarter and run a jet (hehe) on the shallow river.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Use a heavy hammer for back up and a ligher one to tap it with. Just use light blows and place the back up hammer above the bend. Yes it is cast and will break off if hit too hard.

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    Try a little bit of heat with a torch and use a vise grips to pry it over but be careful about the gearcase if it gets to hot it can damage the seals so keep a hose close by

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    Thanks guys!!!

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