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Thread: Unbelievable!

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    Saw a guy on the Strip today in a Kachina.
    Now what's so unbelievable about that, you ask?
    IT WAS WHITE! Bare white gelcoat.
    No graphics whatsoever.
    The owner said that Louie didn't want to build it that way, and tried to talk him into a graphics package. Until he threatened to go somewhere else for a new boat.
    And no. It wasn't the naked Cowchina.

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    JB in so cal
    The heat gettin' to ya', BC:idea: ??

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    Dan Lorenze
    I too saw a naked, white Kachina Shadow on the 118fwy last Saturday... Hmmm..... They're getting quite popular.. Who would've thought?

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    Hey BC. And it probably looked really cool without all that crap some of those Kachinas are coming out with. :idea:

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    And no. It wasn't the naked Cowchina.
    NO, IT CAN'T BE!!!! Sounds like there may actually be 2 boats alike now!!! Oh, the humanity!!!

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    You are incorrect, Sir. There IS a classic Kachina gel on that boat, you just didnt look hard enough.
    It's a graphic of 6 polar bears in wedding dresses dancing in a sperm storm

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    Was it a 30 footer? If so, they took ours out for a ride and it's suppose to be sitting in Phoenix. Hopefully, it was and then we don't have to worry about selling it anymore. We'll just call the insurance company.

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    Hard to believe, whats next cops on jet skis running into each other?

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    Tom Brown
    A plain white Kachina? I don't believe it.
    If such an animal did exist, Bayliner would sue their ass for copyright violation.

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    I am SICK and Tired of people "Splashing" my design!!!

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