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Thread: 2008 Chevrolet C3500 CrewCab DRW

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    Ok. This is only KINDA spam. I don't really have a 2008 for sale, but the dealership I ordered mine from made a boo-boo. I thought I would at least see if anyone wants this particular truck.
    Basically, I ordered mine through a client of my wife's (don't go there ). He made me a great deal and the truck was ordered. I contacted him a few days ago and he checked the build invoice. It was ready to be shipped on the 29th! So, in talking with him, he handed me the build sheet. I was looking it over and kept coming across "6.0 liter Vortec" . During a pause in the conversation, I brought it to his attention that everything looked perfect except that I didn't see Duramax anywhere.
    He turned three shades of white.
    So, if anyone is looking for a 2WD red one with a 6-liter, I know where it will be .
    It has everything EXCEPT:
    Cargo management
    Electric rear window
    I ordered a 2LT with buckets, grey cloth, XM, DVD, Navigation, brake controller, positraction, backing assist, moving pedals, steering wheel controls.
    The same thing with Duramax/Allison is on a rush and should be here by the first of October
    I figure there is SOMEONE in the world that wants a crewcab dually with a 6-liter!

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    Shoulda used Jay Photoglou..........woulda had your truck in your driveway the next day, with no Boo-boo's and had some extra $$

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    I know, I know. But, the dealership I went through puts thousands of dollars in my pocket anyway - so it's all good.

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