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Thread: Parker Lightning

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    These photos I took Thursday evening. Took the Rhino up on a hill behind my place at the river and captured a few good ones. My camera that I use to take my lightning photos broke and I have another one on order. I ended up using my sister in-laws camera Sat night when we had the big storm. Only got a few on that one due to the be rain storm we had. I'll post those once she sends them to me.

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    Those are beautiful pics! Great job

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    Awesome pictures. Thanks.

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    Very cool.... my house is right between you and the lighting... it was a great show!

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    Wow, Those are unbelievable. We have a place in Parker and it makes me jealous I was not there. Thanks for posting.

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    Mike, Great Pictures!

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    yopengo must be quick on that shutter.

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    Awesome lookin, nice pics

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    Lightning pictures are awesome

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