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Thread: Pug Dogs >> Anybody know a breeder??

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    Looking for a Pug breeder if anybody knows of one please pm me thanks.

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    Looking for a Pug breeder if anybody knows of one please pm me thanks.
    Googled this (
    Hope to see you soon,

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    Thanks Mark, i've checked the net.
    Seems to be alot of them out there in other states.Wouldn't mind finding one
    within a couple of hr drive from us or from someone a Hboater knows so i can trust them.

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    Who's gonna watch the dog when you two are doing this

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    Thats why i need a gaurd dog while i'm knapping

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    Hey Darryl....Deanne wants to be kept informed on this. She had a Pug before and would like to maybe get another herself. Let me know how it goes.

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    Looking for a Pug breeder if anybody knows of one please pm me thanks.Before going the breeder route, please at least consider adoption --there are plenty of cute pugs out there who need good homes! (general link to pug rescue sites) (link to AZ pug rescue site -- not for profit)
    Good luck.

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    I found your new avatar...

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    Cole Trickle
    Pugs are cool little dogs.
    They snort a tad to much for my liking but they have great personalities .
    I am sure you know this but short snout dogs don't do that well in the heat. They have a hard time cooling off once over heated and shouldn't be left out side if it's hot.

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