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Thread: Stolen DCB Mach 26

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    Just got the call that my 2001 DCB Mach26 Open Bow Orange Purple Grey on a Purple triple axle Extreme trailer was stolen in Havasu this weekend. Any ifo on the where abouts would be great. Please contact myself at 505-264-6138 or Matt at Smugglers Inc 928-846-1100
    Pics attatched and reward offered.
    Has a blown 454 w/ a 8-71 Blower Shop Blower. Block is painted Purple to match boat and has Gil Offshore exhaust and a Bravo 1 drive.
    Trailer is Purple w/ polished Provressive rims and 2 Black rims for spares mounted on front of trailer.
    Also posted in the Sandbar W/ more details and pics

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    Sorry to hear that.
    Nice Boat.

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    Thanks for that it really is nice and we just keep hoping for the best.

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    Tunnel Vision
    Very sorry to hear this, I really liked the colors of you boat.
    Good luck and hang'em by their balls when you find them:devil:

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    Well good news is they found the boat in Havi today

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    O good! Any damage? Know who stole it?

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    so sorry

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    There are a few leads being looked at and it is at the shop being repaired. Hope to be out real soon in it.
    For what ever reason they stole the prop and the stereo system and removed the blower but left it on the boat??

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    Sorry for the loss!

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    Well good news is they found the boat in Havi today
    That's great you got it back. Remember it could have been worse. Effin thieves

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