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Thread: Make sure your trailer is on good....

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    Hopefully no damage.

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    That could have been a lot worse.

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    that is Kyosh. What happened?

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    Hopefully no damage.
    I didn't want to go up to the guy and ask, I figure he was probably not in the best of moods right about then. I was told from a person on the ramp, that the trailer was not completely connected on the ball, when he was making the turn for the launch ramp, the trailer became disconnected and passed the truck and hit that pile of dirt & rocks. The only damage I could see was to the tongue of the trailer, nothing to the boat.
    It could have been a lot worse.

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    DOH! Looks like the Islander ram...

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    Safety chains could of helped. He makes it to the ramp and then the trailer come off, somethign does not add up.

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    Thats the second time thats happened in a week, another guy here on ther board lost his trailer and it went into a ditch.

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