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Thread: Grease the Propshaft?

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    Should I keep some sort of oil or grease on my propshaft? I clean it off after every summer and am just curious as to what everyone else does. Thanks.

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    I use the water proof trailer bearing grease.It's still there after a whole season of boating.

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    Also use the water proof grease. Help's lessen corrosion on prop shaft & provide some lubrication for the splines. Bob

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    well i use omc tripple guard grease and mine gets ran through the toughest conditions possible so it works good

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    Tahiti 135 Merc
    I use Neverseize on my propshaft,Pops used it when he bought the boat back in`72, and I still use it today.

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    Tom Brown
    I’ve heard testimonials of good success with Tripple Guard and NeverSeize from some of my boating buddies. I use wheel bearing grease because it is what was handy the first time I changed props whey back when and it has always worked good. It’s just a case of sticking with what has worked for me. My guess is that any decent waterproof lubricant will do just fine.
    My $0.02,
    Tom Brown

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    I use QuickSilver on mine,300hp. RUDE,you need something....KIM .....How you doing anyway's long time no see. you don't go to HB.COM anymore......
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    No, not over at Barney's site much anymore. I find this forum to be faster moving and I just don't have time to be on two of them. Anyway, you now know where to find me. http://free.***

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