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Thread: Gel-coat pricing?

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    I'm looking for a gel-coater in the SLC, UT area... I also need to know a fair price? The boat is a 24' daycruiser and I want to take it to Brite white. There is no damage to repair, just a color change. What should i pay?

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    To regel a boat is not really the answer. You can have it done but after market gel coating is not going to last and need constant maintainance.
    In my opinion paint it or have it professionally wet sanded and buffed.

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    I have done a lot of gelcoating on a lot of boats, in your case my advice would be to have it sprayed with an Interlux Professional finish. Its a trend that has been used on large composite yachts and seems to be well accepted. It will give you a lasting shine with minimal upkeep. Problem with gelcoat, when you spray for a repair, you have to work it down, thats when you loose the skin on top that gives it its best luster and protection, after thats gone you have to constantly maintain it,,but then its only my opinion, good luck with your project,,

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    I am just going to stay out of this one.......

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    Im with you Duck,...damage seems to be already underway and there are way too many chiefs in here!
    Have a nice day!

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    Oh yeah, it's already got paint on it..... The original gel is brown sparkly crap... Damage was already done..........

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