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    I also posted this in the Spam sticky "Scammer on hoatboat" but I figured it would get more exposure here:
    I didnt want to post this since I was hoping that this low life would actually make good on the money that he owed. That Mother F*cker Brian Diaz (AKA hondo dude, cole'd beer and havasu mobile) sold me a whipple super charger that he had on the spam about 2 months ago. I agree to buy the whipple and gave him 3k for it and he was going to install it and I was going to give him the money for the installation. 3 weeks go by and he keeps telling me that whipple messed up on the recalibration of my OEM ECU etc etc. The assh*le keeps feeding me lies after lies.. I later found out from whipple that he sent my ECU 2 weeks after I droped off my boat to him and he told me that he had sent it in right away. It was a pain in the ass to get a hold of the guy. After about 4 weeks he finally calls me and tells me that the cops showed up to his house and they demanded that he return the whipple to magic servicing dept (thats where he worked). Come to find out, he stole the supercharger from Magic and he sold to to me; Magic (Ron) found out about it and demanded that he return it or he was going to press charges and he fired him right away. I told Brian that I just wanted my money back and I didnt want to create any more problems for and him, I just wanted my money back.. Mind you, at this point I lost money since I had to get my drive upgraded to by max machine works (6k) and I purchased another prop that I thought I was going to need (700 bucks) and to make thing freaking worse, I now had a ECU that was reprogrammed by whipple, so it was now useless to me!! so I ended up taking my boat to Chris at prestige and he ended up letting me use an extra ECU that he had, but Im still going to have to buy another ECU (1500 bucks)
    So He ended up giving me 700 bucks and said that he was going to give me the rest of the money in 3 weeks or so. Its been 2 weeks and freaking nothing, just more excuse and promises.. He said that he was going to deposit the rest of the money last week and I have yet to see another dime.
    He said he moved to Texas (might be another lie)...
    I freaking done, If I ever run into this POS he's going to be sorry for ever ripping off us boaters...
    If any of you guys know this prick, or know if he is still living over at Beefeater drive in havasu I'd like to know about it so I can pay him a little visit with some buddies..
    He might be running another business under another alias. Here is the number of his Havasu mobile marine 928-208-6986 ( dont want anyone else to get ripped off here)
    Feel free to repost this in any other Boating website.. This asshole shouldnt allowed to touch another boat for the rest of his life..
    I'm open to suggestions on how to get my cash back or give this guy whats coming to him...
    I'm done!!

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    That sucks!
    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I think you might find working with Whipple directly or through one of their authorized dealers is the only way to go. Dustin is a great guy to deal with. If you are buying a "used" system, call him for background information. I am sure he'd be happy to help.
    Again, sorry for your troubles and thanks for the heads up.
    OG<< I only use B&D Marine>>Shocker

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    I had heard this story some time ago and felt for ya... it really sucks! peeps were asking about this Mobile Marine business about a month or so ago and all I could say was check references (if he had any). Hope you are running well and enjoying your boat, we missed you in August!

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    Oh man, that totally sucks. If you dont get him karma sure as hell will. Good luck getting your money back. You might be forced to deal with him in small claims court.

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    Brian's been ripping peeps on this board and others for years now and nobody seems to learn. It's been posted time and again and even by his brother that he's a POS and he's still makin a living on everyone else's dollar.
    I guess those that are so concerned with saving a buck just have to learn the hard way that to buy from a reputable dealer is just like buying a little bit of insurance to go along with your purchase. Whether it be a Whipple, a sterio, set of heads or a few extra prime cut steaks outta the back of a p/u truck. Oh well, sorry you got had but this f*cks been doin ***boat members for a long time.
    Maybe someone will get pissed off enough and they'll find his worthless body at the bottom of Parker Dam, which I hear is 400 feet deep.

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    Damn Tony that sucks. You have been giving me updates over the last month. I was hoping shit would work out. Hard to trust people now a days

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    Is this the same guy that was posting on the boards as the mobile service in Havasu? Hope you get your money back from the guy.
    Is it the same guy? I could have sworn there were some people giving a good reference on them. hmmmmmm :idea:

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    Later is a mechanic?
    All his buddies and fake aliases probably.

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    Big Warlock
    Small claims court can go up to 5K I believe. although you may get a judgement, still could be difficult to collect. Good luck.

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