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Thread: 750sxi stand up JET SKI

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    Changed the plan a bit.
    1998 Kawasaki 750SXI pro stand up. twin carb. BRAND NEW MOTOR! runs awesome! brandnew crankshaft assy, new 1mm over piston/rings ( will make it a 775cc) has re-worked stock head, Skat-trak prop, PJS intake grate, light weight alum flywheel, elec bilge kit, Umi bars, AP Designs mats and sides, cut down chin pad. new motor mounts, new drive shaft carrier seal with new bearing and seals. Its a brandnew ski now. ONLY 2499.00 Complete. Faster than a new 800!

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    you have almost 8500 posts and you place an ad in the spam section with no pics and no price?!?!?!

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    blender over
    was a really trick ski back in the day, Still a bunch of fun. THIS IS A PROJECT SKI. Just took the motor down to the crank. It needs a new crankshaft, one new piston, ring sets, cyl honed, and reassembled. I just dont have the interest to finish the job. Found a whole new motor for $699.00 at link below.
    or here's a rebuilt lower unit on Ebay for $300.00 QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohost ing
    also need a new driveshaft seal on the bulkhead. I priced it out and my cost was $150.00 for the part.
    How much????
    PIcs please

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    blender over
    Price is $1,500
    $1500.00 and needs work???
    What year

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    $1500.00 and needs work???
    What year
    its a 1998 Kawasaki 750sxi pro twin carb. Needs crank, one new piston, rings, and rebuild. also need new drive shaft seals, leaking water from that area. In first post I have some links where inexpensive parts are available. If you can work on these, its a deal at 1500.00, IF you paid retail shop labor and parts...this WOULDN't be the right project.

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    UMI bars, finger throttle, electric bilge kit

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    think it may need a new crank??? you can get a whole new rebuilt motor from WWW>SHOPSBT.COM for $699.00 exchange. SBT also has new rebuilt cranks for $275.00 exchange. one new piston, rings, drive shaft seals..... if you shopped around, this this be done for pretty cheap.

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